Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

May 29, 2013

Yahoo Acquires PlayerScale

When Marissa Mayer took over at Yahoo, she announced that big things were coming down the pike for the company. While the turnaround that some people expected has not yet materialized, the company is not standing pat and hoping that things will magically turn around. The latest acquisition by Mayer’s group is a cross-platform gaming company known as PlayerScale. This is hardly the kind of acquisition that is going to grab the headlines that some of the other Yahoo buys have captured. However, it does show that the company is looking to improve.

Although it may seem as if Tumblr is getting the most attention, the acquisition of PlayerScale indicates that the company is taking an aggressive run at a whole host of different markets. Though the price has not been announced it is almost certain that PlayerScale will be less than the $1.1 billion that the company paid for Tumblr. The fact that Mayer is looking at both smaller and bigger acquisitions could be a big sign that the company will eventually make the turnaround that people expect.

PlayerScale, with 150 million users across the globe, is actually somewhat more expensive than some other startups that Yahoo has purchased lately. Yahoo claims to want to build on the gaming service as opposed to shutting it down. The service works well when pushing games across social and mobile platforms as seamlessly as possible.

This company is a favorite for game developers who deal in the social and mobile platforms alike. The service has come up with a way that seems to work well for developers to track their revenue across multiple platforms. Jesper Jensen, the CEO of PlayerScale, announced the takeover on a blog post found on the gaming services home page.

Edited by Alice Koganova

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