Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

August 11, 2014

Beeline Acquires OnForce

Freelancers are forming a considerable part of workforce of any company these days. Freelancing works for both companies and freelancers; while freelancers keep their independence and work for numerous clients, companies on the other hand lay their hands on high quality talent at affordable prices. But sourcing and managing freelance talent without a proper workforce solution can sometimes be problem.

Strengthening its workforce solutions portfolio, Adecco Group, parent company of Belline, has acquired OneForce. Together, Beeline and OnForce will enable companies to source the most important aspect of their business, people, from diverse platforms.

Both the companies will make use cloud technology to provide customers an integrated solution that comes packed with VMS with OnForce FMS. This allows companies to tap their supply chain and their own networks to recruit properly classified independent contractors (freelancers).

To manage the extended workforce, Beeline will combine the company's process automation and analytics for sourcing and managing talent with OnForce's unique ability to reach remote workers, freelancers and their ilk. For customers, this will enable them to simplify the hiring process of freelance talent and will provide easy access to them.

“This is a perfectly complementary merger on every level business, technical and cultural," said Beeline president, Doug Leeby." There is very little overlap between companies, and together we solve a massive business problem in a unique way. Companies expect us to help them find the best people at the best price with the least amount of risk exposure whether that is through the supply chain or direct sourcing. This merger will meet the supply and demand needs of our clients by directly connecting them to independent contractors.”

Edited by Adam Brandt

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