Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

February 27, 2014

Is Mobile Recruiting the Way of the Future?

Think of the number of people who own smartphones, tablets or some other device, and you won’t be far off if you estimate that almost everyone falls into some kind of mobile category. Mobile technology is so rampant and impactful that even the staffing and recruiting industry realizes it must cater to the mobile whim. The result? A mobile application called AkkenOnTheGo.

Finding the right candidates for the job and filling in open positions has never been easy. Screening resumes and wading through volumes of applications isn’t the most efficient process.

But with AkkenOnTheGo, hopefully staffing and recruiting companies may gravitate faster towards the right hires. The app is expected to automatically extract resume information and create complete candidate profiles in seconds using resume parsing technology, and will help match  candidates to suitable jobs in a matter of seconds  using AkkenCloud’s instant candidate ranking and auto-match feature.

The mobile app didn’t happen overnight. In 2002, Akken, the staffing and recruiting efficiency improvement specialist, decided like many others that by migrating to the cloud, it could remain well ahead of everyone else, and soon AkkenCloud became a reality. It took this a step further with a mobile app that made users completely mobile and also more productive even while on the go.

“AkkenOnTheGo is yet another innovative solution that we are proactively delivering to our customers for their smart phones. We are always committed to work with our customers to adapt to their ever changing business needs," said Giridhar Akkineni, founder and CEO of Akken.

Built from the ground level up, AkkenOnTheGo is meant to liberate users from office desks and allow them to use AkkenCloud on any device, anytime, from anywhere. Most of the major browsers are also compatible with the app.

Free and available for download from all the major app stores, will AkkenOnTheGo make staffing functions, right from sourcing to hiring, any easier? Only time will tell.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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