Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

February 25, 2014

Looking for a Job? Kelly's WorkWire App will Help

In an app-driven era, we have apps to tell us what we need to eat, how to keep fit, how to locate places and people—more than 800,000 of them in the iOS app store– and now we have apps telling us how to find jobs. So, if you’re looking to jumpstart your career or build on an existing one, Kelly Service’s new WorkWire iPad app could be just the thing to trigger you on.

WorkWire is Kelly's candidate iPad app that promises to attract and engage those who are on the lookout for jobs, and simultaneously position the company as a thought leader on employment and work trends.

Built on the same platform as Kelly's customer-facing Talent Project iPad app that allows users to search, download, and share content, Kelly has now introduced the WorkWire app, which is expected to fast forward the job searching process.

The WorkWire app for the iPad offers key information on-the-go, helping users to always stay ahead of new developments and issues and be armed with information about new opportunities that help them remain competitive as they drive their careers forward.

A tech-savvy populace wants to learn about job trends, learn about job strategies and how to manage their careers from the comfort of their homes. Kelly gives them this chance with its new WorkWire app.  In addition, users can use the app to explore a wide variety of career opportunities available across the globe, and never miss out on any opportunity again.

They can browse jobs, identify the ones they like, get in touch immediately, find out if it suits them and carry on their searches if it doesn’t. It’s ‘instant service’ that’s dished out- one that suits them admirably.

"Today's job seekers want to learn, engage and react quickly in today's job market," said Carolyn Palmer, senior vice president, marketing, for Kelly Services.  She added, "The WorkWire app is the latest extension of Kelly's other mobile and interactive channels, allowing individuals to find jobs and tap into Kelly's latest career advice, tips, insights and information."

With millions of iPads being sold for both personal and business use, the WorkWire app will be able to extend its reach and broaden its information channels.

So, does this mean job hunting is going to become easier and less stressful? One sure hopes so!

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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