Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

June 18, 2013

Statera Successfully Completes Three Projects in Human Capital Management and Change Enablement

Statêra, a provider of IT staffing, consulting, IT project management, outsourcing and cloud services brokerage, human capital management and change enablement solutions, successfully completed three projects in the areas of human capital management and change enablement.

These three business-focused projects include a large Colorado-based government agency with approximately 3,000 employees. This government agency signed partnership with Statêra to help manage the adoption of three of its 2013 strategic initiatives, namely establishing a new department, creating a new budgeting model and reworking organizational structure.

The company also enabled the agency to build a team of champions, create a roadmap of change activities and generate momentum and awareness around the changes.

Statêra leverages best practices and uses today’s top technology solutions to provide powerful insight into a business’s enterprise, solve mission-critical problems, drive return on investment and transform businesses.

“Our change enablement and HCM solutions provide the third leg of a holistic people, process and technology solution for business transformation,” said Michael Jolton, vice president of Statêra.

Statêra also helped a Senior Management Retreat to improve a local government agency’s collaboration between headquarters and regional offices. The company offered a safe environment to share concerns and solutions. For this project, the company provided a safe environment to share concerns and solutions.

The third project includes a Colorado-headquartered IT consulting firm, which requested assistance for one of its clients. Statêra provided customer service documentation and coaching for its human resources leadership group.

Later, Statêra delivered approach and training materials to more effectively align the HR team.

Kristen Barnett, director of Change Enablement and Human Capital Management, said in a statement, “We are enthusiastic about partnering and supporting clients in the adoption of new solutions and helping them transform their business within both technology and non-technology driven projects.”

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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