Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

March 26, 2013

Trig's Supermarket Optimizes Business Operations with Dayforce Workforce Management Software

Trig’s, a division of T.A. Solberg Company, Inc. and a full service supermarket serving northern Wisconsin, recently implemented the Dayforce Workforce Management solution from Ceridian Corporation to optimize its business operations and to run its business using real-time data. Ceridian Corporation is a leading global product and services company specializing in transformative Human Capital Management technology.

In a statement, Angie Dreifuerest, vice president of human resources and benefits at Trig’s, said that, “We implemented Dayforce Workforce Management to optimize workforce efficiency across store operations and run our business using real-time data. Dayforce lets us improve our efficiency and meet the demands of our growing operation.”

Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM solution has been designed to convert human capital management from a number of disparate systems leveraging fragile interfaces to one real-time application featuring a single employee record and user experience. It also mitigates the need for reliance on interfaces. Dayforce HCM effectively improves employee engagement and productivity, and helps in substantially lowering administration time and costs for businesses. The newly improved single application features payroll, tax, workforce management, benefits, and human resources.

David Ossip, chief executive officer of Ceridian HCM said that, “Trig’s serves its community proudly to create the best possible shopping and employee environment. We are pleased to play a key role in enhancing Trig’s operational performance and look forward to working with the company as it continues to grow.”

Using Dayforce Payroll businesses can easily view, improve if required and preview payroll all in real-time. This effectively mitigates batch processing and trial run for ensuring that all employee compensation is accurate and is delivered on time. Managers using the solution can easily plan and predict labor needs of the organization and plan schedules to address labor demands for enhancing time tracking and compliance. Dayforce Benefits optimizes employee enrolment and calculates eligibility and has been designed to support an extensive number of plan types for ensuring accessible benefit plans across the organization.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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