Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

October 23, 2012

Paycom Unveils its Robust Talent Management Suite

Oklahoma City-based Paycom, an online provider of full-service payroll in the U.S., remarked that its newly launched Talent Management suite is integrated with complete pay data integration and online Personnel Action Forms (PAF), along with advance talent management intelligence – all in one tool.

Available as part of the company’s Human Capital Management offerings, the robust talent management supposedly makes use of one’s existing workforce data with a robust performance and compensation suite for an integrated solution, designed to drive business performance through more efficient and insightful talent management.

 The new release also brings the first ever online PAF system to users and managers, who are now able to finish PAFs within the Paycom payroll and HR application, removing the need for paper forms and manual system information updates.

Randy Peck, Paycom director of operations commented, “Paycom’s existing customers are already seeing the benefits of our Performance Management and Compensation Budgeting tools and they are ecstatic about the automated PAFs. These tools make their jobs easier and when added to our other HR and Payroll tools, they now have everything they need in one application to handle employees from their first day of employment to their last.”

With a single application, Paycom claimed it can provide users with a full suite of services to streamline their payroll and HR processes, eliminate the maintenance of multiple systems and better manage their labor costs.

Notable features of Paycom Talent Management include powerful talent intelligence from one application, enabling managers to hire and retain top talent required to sustain and further develop a business; payroll info and talent management suite, which will be on the same database to streamline compensation budgeting processes; tools to restructure personal action form processes; standardization of positions, pay-grades and performance goals; automated workflow among employee, supervisor and HR, yielding a restructured employee review process.

Edited by Braden Becker

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