Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

October 10, 2012

Touch-Based Time Capturing Device Dayforce Touch Provides Best-in-Class Experience for Organizations

Ceridian is a global business services company that helps organizations control costs, save time, optimize their workforce, grow revenue and minimize financial risk. Ceridian Corporation announced launch of the Dayforce Touch time clock, bringing rich self-service functionality.

Touch-based time capture device increases time-keeping accuracy and employee engagement through robust and intuitive functionality. The Dayforce Touch is an exciting compliment to the Dayforce Human Capital Management solution, providing a best-in-class experience across payroll and tax, benefits, workforce management and human resources.

"Dayforce Touch empowers employees to enter information with ease and accuracy to provide immediate access to data to manage their work life," David Ossip, president of Ceridian Dayforce said in a statement.

“Intuitive, easily accessible time capture technology in touch-based form coupled with important Dayforce HCM application features truly is a win-win for both employers and employees,” Ossip added.

The Dayforce HCM solution is a single application transforming human capital management with one employee record, one user experience, and no interfaces. The Dayforce Touch time clock, bringing rich self-service functionality and Dayforce’s leading user experience to a touch-based time capture device. With the combination of the Dayforce HCM solution and the Dayforce Touch, Ceridian looks forward to helping clients achieve increased accuracy, compliance and profitability.

Key features of Dayforce Touch include:

  • Superior User Experience – designed to be engaging and intuitive, users are immediately able to record punches and perform self-service tasks with no training required
  • Fast and Accurate Time Collection – the clock features biometric, bar code, RFID, magnetic stripe, PIN, and proximity punch methods. With optional photo-capture and schedule validation at the clock, organizations can ensure employees are paid accurately without time theft.
  • Employee and Manager Self-Service – with self-service at the clock, users can easily view and manage their work information, including: messages and alerts, time records, scheduled shifts, time away from work, availability and pay history.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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