Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

June 08, 2012

Hiring Demand for Project Management Skills Grows

During May 2012, more than 235,000 online job listings posted requirements for project management skills, according to WANTED Analytics, the source of real-time business intelligence for the talent marketplace.

This indicates a 12-percent increase in hiring compared to May 2011, and more than 51 percent compared to 2010.

To support the increasing number of large projects that involve cross-department teams, more employees are required to have project management skills to ensure timely completion of projects within the allocated budgets.

Verticals such as IT, engineering, and business and financial occupations have seen the highest demand for project management staff. Computer systems analysts, IT project managers, industrial engineers, marketing managers and computer software engineers are the top five positions where project management skill is required in their respective job ads.

Sources indicate five metropolitan areas with the highest number of online job ads requiring project management skills were New York, Washington (DC), Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Last month, employers in New York placed more than 19,000 online job ads for project management skills – 6 percent more than the previous year’s numbers. However, employers in Chicago experienced the highest growth in demand of these five cities at more than 20 percent during May.

For Nationwide companies, recruiting project management skills can be a difficult in high-demand regions. According to the Hiring Scale, Washington, DC-based companies are currently experiencing some of the heaviest competition to attract talent, and may have to wait longer to fill the vacancies than many other areas across the United States. Average job posting duration in Washington, DC is about 6.5 weeks.

The Hiring Scale also shows that Grand Forks, ND, Binghamton, NY and Lynchburg, VA have reached maximum density of project management professionals, and are likely to fill job openings faster than the rest of the United States.

Edited by Braden Becker

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