Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

May 09, 2012

Indiana-based CNC Machine Shops Jump Online to Help Boost Jobs

The job situation in the U.S. hasn't exactly been perfect the past few years – but it's been getting much better lately. Businesses are taking new approaches to the age-old task of creating jobs and delivering useful services, one of the most beneficial being the power of the Internet.

The American Machine Shops Network's (AMSN) “buy American” movement has sparked a lot of interest among union workforces in recent times, and it just might have been the determining factor in its decision to add a few useful sections to its website.

Through various national and local steel and plastic manufacturers, now offers a range of easy to use machine shop services. Rapid prototyping, precision metal and plastic work, CNC machining, and molding and prototype production services are all available through the site's new “Submit Your RFQ” page.

It's essentially a form that folks in search of CNC machine work can fill out in order to get detailed feedback on their requested services – such as price quotes, suggestions and other useful information on their desired project or plans.

The idea is to encourage customers to support U.S. jobs and boost the economy by going with American made machined products, while at the same time, providing the user with a simple and easy to use interface that will tend to their needs.

As AMSN spokesman, Jon Kowloski puts it, “The majority of Indiana and U.S. based vendors profiled on specialize in steel fabrication, plastic molding and machining are capable of handling jobs with the most precise dimensions requiring the most difficult materials to machine and fabricate.”

The U.S. is one of the world leaders in steel production – it's a staple in our economy. So, why not rely on U.S.-based manufacturers to sculpt that new invention or much needed product?

AMSN's newly implemented online services are sure to cause a healthy increase in business for participating businesses – it's not an overnight solution to providing every last citizen with a job, but it will definitely benefit a lot of local businesses and consumers alike.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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