Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

May 01, 2012

SourceRight Solutions, Randstad Managed Services Combine into 'Randstad Sourceright'

SourceRight Solutions and Randstad Managed Services have changed their namesakes in order to emphasize the fact that both offer two sides of the same coin in business support.

Three primary services on which the newly merged company will focus are Blended Workforce Solutions (BWS), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and solutions for managed service providers (MSP).

Blended Workforce Solutions is a newer practice in talent management that looks at all arms of the workforce, both contractors and fixed employees, simultaneously in order to minimize redundancy and miscommunication. Other benefits to this strategy include a more standardized and transparent policy on the issues involved, and the reduction of the risks companies typically face when hiring new staff.

The company boasts an impressive track record in RPO. The importance of maintaining an effective recruitment process is scalability. As a business expands, hiring needs and conditions will change rapidly. With an average of 65,000 hires per-year over a ten-year period, and 200 projects under their belt, the key to preventing bad hiring decisions that cost the firm unnecessary money is a talented and experienced talent manager like Randstad.

The Everest Annual Report named Sourceright as one of the top three providers of RPO related services working in the field.

Mike Noel of Kentucky Banker Magazine explains a common problem many companies suffer that MSP's like Randstad Sourceright can solve: too much time treating technical emergencies as they occur, rather than taking the inexpensive steps required to prevent them. The hours employees waste sitting on their hands waiting for a downed e-mail server to come back up ultimately come out of the bottom line.

Even the finest IT professionals in the world get sick or need time off for vacation and continued training. An MSP grants reliability and muscle that only a dedicated company can provide. An MSP can also remotely monitor a business’ systems, and provide important feedback to indicate when specific systems are under stress or prone to failure.

To fix a problem like a server crash before it occurs will save more money in the long run.

Edited by Braden Becker

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