Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

April 09, 2012

Searching For a Job? Prepare for Your Virtual Interview

Today’s job candidates are finding that more and more companies are asking them to complete virtual interviews, particularly in the early stages of the search process. For talent management functions, nearly half of Fortune 100 companies over 5,000 organizations worldwide use Taleo’s on-demand platform. Now, for companies that use Taleo and want to add a virtual interview solution, HireIQ has just announced that they have earned their Taleo Enterprise Passport Certification.

Companies can use the Hire IQ’s flagship application, InterviewIQ, and start interviewing potential hires within hours thanks to its availability through a SaaS (News - Alert) platform. Candidates go through the virtual interview, which is then stored for hiring managers to review later. The integration of InterviewIQ with the Taleo platform means that recruiters can quickly get through the cumbersome process of early-stage interviewing.

InterviewIQ uses media-rich Web and voice response technologies configured to the unique requirements of each HR department and each available position. Interview questions conducted through InterviewIQ can be used to test applicants’ critical thinking, customer service, math, grammar and communications skills. InterviewIQ is web-based, which allows applicants to conduct their interviews at a time that is convenient for them.

For applicants who want to succeed at virtual interviews, Lindsay Olson, a recruiter with Paradigm Staffing and Hoojobs, offers some helpful suggestions. In an article published in U.S. News & World Report, Olson says that the same rules apply whether the interview is in-person or online. “You should conduct yourself in the same professional manner,” Olson writes, “but there are a few other things to consider with regards to technology.”

Olson suggests taking time to get technology ready for the interview. A quick call to a friend via an application like Skype or ooVoo will help to resolve any technological, sound or lighting issues. Letting the friend conduct a mock interview via webcam will help the interviewee to get used to looking at the camera instead of at the monitor. Friends can also let the interviewee know if they need to adjust their appearance or voice volume before the actual interview.

Olson also suggests dressing for the camera by wearing solid colors that complement the interviewee’s skin tone. She suggests that women take the time to put on makeup, ironically, to help them look more natural on camera. Additionally, all distractions, like children, pets and any other noises should be removed from the interview area. Finally, consider the background for the interview. A messy room or a wildly patterned wall will look like an eyesore, while a neutral wall or a tidy office will look more professional.

Virtual interviewing expands the reach of any company’s recruiting team and adds a great deal of convenience to the hiring process. This means that virtual interviewing and virtual interview applications like InterviewIQ are here to stay. Today’s candidates shouldn’t wonder “if” they will have a virtual interview. Today, it’s a matter of “when,” not “if.”

Edited by Rich Steeves

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