Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

April 04, 2012

TribeHR Expands Social HR Software Solutions, Improves Workplace Cultures

TribeHR recently announced it has increased the capabilities of its online service, now including improved values and social goals within the corporate environment.

"Great companies are built around strong cultures, but the tools to manage and measure culture in the workplace were unavailable to small and medium businesses until now,” said Joseph Fung, CEO of TribeHR. “Our approach to HR has always been social, open and measurable. Our new version takes this a step further by directly connecting employee behavior and accomplishments to values and results. We call it rhythm – it gives an organization the ability to measure and constantly enhance its culture in real-time."

The new release enables organizations to document, present and consolidate their workplace principles and organizational strengths. By defining their core values, organizations can easily align and recognize all employee activity, goals and social initiatives on a public platform. The TribeHR solution stores pertinent information, easily accessible by employees and managers allowing for a more accurate and faster performance review process.

The latest offering from TribeHR builds on the capabilities of its popular and award-winning social service suite, which essentially supports organizations in the development of a robust workplace culture. It also grants support for social goals, which means individual goals can be shared with other employees in the company.

Companies will be able to better share and measure their core values, which in turn help them improve and enhance their corporate culture. Since individual goals and accomplishment can be aligned with corporate values, companies can recognize individual employees who inculcate and display those values and present them as model employees to motivate other employees.   

"Our new release enhances our HR suite by extending our integrated time off tracking, employee directory database and application tracking and performance management suite with the capacity to measure and promote a company's culture,” added Fung. “For the first time, companies can now manage and monitor their corporate culture in real-time."

Edited by Braden Becker

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