Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

March 30, 2012

Cornerstone OnDemand Unveils Recruiting Cloud End-to-End Talent Management Solution

With an objective to extend the company’s already existing software-as-a-service (SaaS (News - Alert)) solution and to support the client base’s sourcing and selection efforts, Cornerstone OnDemand – a provider of cloud-based talent management software solutions – has rolled out Recruiting Cloud.

The new Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud is a natively social recruiting offering and an end-to-end talent management solution that facilitates organizations to manage the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring through retirement.

Cornerstone OnDemand’s integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution now incorporates: the new Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud, the Cornerstone Performance Cloud, the Cornerstone Learning Cloud and the Cornerstone Extended Enterprise Cloud. Recently, the company also launched Cornerstone Volunteer Management for managing corporate and non-profit volunteer programs and matching volunteers with relevant opportunities.

Completely capable of integrating with Cornerstone’s Learning Cloud, Performance Cloud and Extended Enterprise Cloud, the new cloud-based talent management solution that leverages the company’s ecosystem to power enhanced recruiting capabilities and offer integration with leading social networks, as well as digital interviews with HireVue

With the help of Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud, organizations will be able to: manage job requisitions; post jobs across both traditional job boards and social networks; create internal career centers and external career sites; manage and enhance employee referral programs; identify existing employee connections with candidates; quickly assess candidate skills and competencies; and more.

Apart from having the capability to search and compare internal and external candidates, the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud also enables organizations to collaborate with hiring managers and employees throughout the screening process, build ongoing talent pools, as well as efficiently onboard new hires and accelerate time to productivity.

Built using Cornerstone’s pure-cloud, multi-tenant architecture, the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud leverages a common platform, workflow engine, and reporting and administration model. This facilitates users to experience faster deployments, greater flexibility to adapt and change the application without cost or risk, and a seamless user experience across all Cornerstone applications.

Unlike most existing recruiting solutions that tend to be deployed to hiring managers and recruiters, the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud is deployed to all employees in the organization. Consequently, the solution is able to utilize all employees in the recruiting process to source and collaborate in the evaluation of internal and external candidates that best fit an open position.

According to Adam Miller, president and CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand, many organizations are seeking to utilize the power of social recruiting. So, the new offering Recruiting Cloud is built to be natively social.

Consequently, the Recruiting Cloud leverages Facebook’s social graph and LinkedIn (News - Alert) recruiting services’ “Apply with LinkedIn” capabilities, as well as digital interviewing with HireVue.

In an effort to penetrate the small business market, Cornerstone OnDemand recently signed an strategic agreement to acquire Sonar Limited, an Auckland, New Zealand-based provider of cloud-based talent management solutions serving small businesses globally.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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