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Human Capital Management

March 01, 2012

SunGard Debuts Hosted Service Hedge360

SunGard has unveiled an integrated and hosted service called Hedge360 that supports the full investment lifecycle across front, middle- and back-office processes for hedge funds and alternative asset management firms.According to the company, this new service is ideal for prime brokers, administrators, order management systems and execution management systems to complete investment lifecycle for hedge funds and alternative asset management firms. This may include portfolio management to risk management, portfolio accounting and reporting with dedicated coverage of convertible arbitrage strategies and independent valuation.

“The alternative asset management landscape is facing new challenges with heightened regulatory and investment demands driving a need for greater risk controls and improved reporting and compliance practices,” Martin Boyd, president of SunGard’s Asset Management business, said. “SunGard’s Hedge360 will help firms streamline operations while eliminating the IT burden for growth enablement.”

The new service also offers options for customers to choose the components of the solution that they require, and can add features and functionality on an as-needed basis to help them manage costs while enhancing support for greater investment complexity.

The Hedge360 is also available as SaaS (News - Alert) that helps customers to work out between front, middle and back office operations by providing them with a single delivery platform to help them meet investment demands.

In addition, users can make use of the new service to manage their risk and to improve both investment decision-making and operational efficiency.

“Regulators, customers, shareholders and Boards of Directors are all demanding greater transparency, disclosure and better reporting from their asset managers,” Dushyant Shahrawat, senior research director at CEB TowerGroup, said. “But meeting these requirements globally in today’s economy is a challenge for many asset managers due to cost pressures, limited skill sets and lack of IT/operational resources. An integrated, Cloud-based solution can help alleviate some of these pain points, by delivering a cost effective service that helps asset managers customize their IT and reporting requirements and still take on investment complexity.”


Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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