Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

July 13, 2011

Talent Match Offers 'Recruitment with a Difference'

Talent Match, a sister company of specialist call and contact centre management resource Cactus Search, has launched a new website that is expected to enhance Talent Match's hiring model and resourcing solution.

In launching the low-cost, low-risk recruitment solution for contact center, Talent Match aims to become the number one stop for frontline call center staff seeking new roles.

In a press release, Business Manager Lorne Stigant commented on the launch indicating that much hard work had gone into making it a high-quality service for contact centers. He said, “We think we've managed to build a fantastic business that offers something truly different, and we're sure that we'll be the number one website for agent-level call center recruitment very soon!"

Currently, many call and contact centers adopt direct resourcing strategies while recruiting, and Talent Match's recent launch will support and enhance these strategies by offering screening and personality profiling services.

Attending to the initial spade work that needs to be done during the process of recruitment, Talent Match identifies likely candidates and for a fixed-rate flat fee makes the list available to the call centers. HR and the Line Managers have total control over the interview and selection process.

Talent Match works with job boards and social media to find active and passive candidates and hence saves call and contact centers advertising and recruiting costs and valuable time too.

Many clients with whom Talent Match has trialed its offerings over the past few months have provided positive feedback.

One of the clients, a well known U.K. outsourcer spoke of the unparalleled experience with Talent Match and claimed that its account managers had provided exceptional service throughout the process. The client clearly indicated that huge savings had accrued because of using Talent Match and they were fully committed to using the service for all future agent level resourcing needs.

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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