Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

March 21, 2014

Financial Search Engine 9W Releases Mobile App

The financial world is constantly in flux and for those who find themselves with an interest in finances, keeping on top of all the news is important. Anyone who is involved with publicly traded companies has a need to receive information regarding those companies quickly and efficiently. Accountants, brokers, financial officers, and many other professionals, have been going to a website known as 9W Search for this information.

9W is a service that allows those professionals who have an account with them to search for information regarding over 2,000 companies and stocks. The information that is provided is considered “unbundled”, meaning they take the financial reports of the companies and unpack it in a manner that will allow users to quickly find answers to any of their questions regarding the finances of the company. Users can search with questions such as “What’s the revenue per employee?” and using 9W, type in the name of the company or its stock abbreviation to find the answer. Users can also search for answers and receive comparisons of up to three companies at a time if they sign up for the 9W Plus program.

Financial professionals choose services like 9W because they want their information fast and easily accessed. 9W, aware of this, has decided that users should also be able to get their financial reports on the go, and has launched their new mobile app Ask 9W.

Ask 9W is available for free on the Google (News - Alert) Play Store and iStore. While most of 9W’s services have a cost associated with them and are targeted toward professionals, the simplicity of the free Ask 9W service may find it becoming a-go to app for even laymen in the business world.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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