Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

June 12, 2012

EzRMS Solution Implemented by Alila Jakarta for Smarter Revenue Stream

Ez Revenue Management Solutions Ltd.’s SaaS (News - Alert) Revenue & Yield Management solution has been implemented by Alila Jakarta, a 246-room hotel in Indonesia. EzRMS solutions are already being used by at least 1,250 hotel businesses across the world.

Alila Jakarta will now be able to capitalize on its entire revenue potential in the future by deploying the EzRMS Core Module. “By deploying EzRMS, it is expected to allow us to understand the market demand and customer behavior, thus revenue managing our property more efficiently,” said Eric Faivre, general manager at Alila Jakarta. “We have confidence that the EzRMS system will be able to help us maximize our revenues and improve yielding for our hotel property.”

Alila or surprise in Sanskrit is an apt name for this invigorating hotel. Young urbanites and executives are offered a calm, contemporary retreat by Alila Jakarta, known for its recreation and modern style. Denton Corker Marshall, an architectural firm, has designed Alila Jakarta with graceful and essential furnishings.

Launched in May 2001, Alila Jakarta has set the standard for architecture and service that reflects fashionable life in the city.

Exceptional city hotels and resorts are managed by Alila in the Asia Pacific region. The organization will soon launch its latest sophisticated opulent resorts, Alila Villas, in Bali, China, Oman and the Gulf region. 

“Alila Jakarta has painstakingly built up the revenue management culture to the point that implementing an automated revenue management system is the next logical step,” said John Poon, regional director at EasyRMS. “Throughout the engagement process, it was obvious that the management of Alila Jakarta was looking for a system that befits its organizational and operational needs, now and into the future.”

“Suffice to say, EzRMS was chosen for the right reasons,” he said.

SaaS revenue and yield management offerings are available by EasyRMS across the globe. The company aspires to offer revolutionary technology and procedures to its clients in the hospitality industry.  

Edited by Braden Becker

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