Financial Technology

Financial Technology

March 08, 2017

Impact of Technologies in the Financial Industry

By Special Guest
Veronica Hanks, Senior Business Analyst, Algoworks ,

Gone are the days when an aspiring business owner had to go to a local bank or lending institution and wait for long hours to get funding. This process is definitely tedious and time-consuming.

In this digital era, the financial market is filled with many technical words like bitcoins, digital wallets, Internet banking and robo-advisers, to name a few. All thanks to the “computer technologies” that are penetrating the financial industry with a great pace. These latest technologies make financial services not only simple but also efficient.

If you are a business owner seeking knowledge about the latest technologies in the financial industry, then this blog is for you. Here, I’ll explain four ways technologies are affecting the lending and borrowing process.

1. Financial institutions are using the power of big data

Today, big data plays a crucial role in the financial industry. Nowadays, financial institutions have more access to consumer information than ever before; therefore, they can do business in a smart way. Lending companies, banks, and mortgage groups innovatively and creatively use demographic and geographic information in order to pinpoint what service to offer and where to establish a presence; once they are in-market, they can use these crucial data on a single individual to personalize a loan offer. But wait, it does not stop here; once a lending company extends the loan, it is able to track the actions of the borrower over time to further refine its business processes in advance.

2. Finding the right lender at the right time has become easy

Business owners have to deal with a frustrating mixture: “local bank” + “tons of paperwork” + “long time period.” With the advent of new technologies, now borrowers can stay home with their laptop and find the right lender. They can also compare the right loan with the lowest interest rate by comparing different lenders online.

3. Loan application submission was never so easy

If you want to apply for a loan, just fill out the application online, scan and upload. There are many financial institutions that allow borrowers to complete their application over the Internet. Besides, applicants can submit all the crucial documents online by just scanning them. Just carefully check your desired lender's paperwork needs and have them ready to scan.

4. Faster loan approvals & funding

Advancement in technologies also allows borrowers to submit documents online quickly– lenders can easily crunch the borrower information for prompt approval. There are many online title loan companies and other lenders that can verify your documents and approve your loan in just minutes. So now, there is no need to spend weeks for approval of your loan.

Quick approval of loans means business owners can get the funds fast. According to the latest study, one of the main reasons start-ups fail is because they’re unable to get funds at the right time. Adding inventory, buying necessary equipment, and maintaining proper cash flow are just a few of the important reasons for which funds are needed in days instead of months.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, technology has eased the hassle for both borrowers and lenders. Use technological advancements and get many advantages necessary for the growth of your business. But, at the same time, you need to keep your data and information safe from hackers, as identity theft is increasing with the popularity of technology in the financial industry. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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