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Financial Technology

November 27, 2013

PunchTab's Advanced Loyalty Technology Platform Gaining Traction among Global Customers

The customer engagement solution provider PunchTab proudly reported an expansion in its international clientele. The company said that a bevy of international clients including Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd, NuServe Ltd, EcoCleen Services Ltd,, MakeUseOf and others have used its loyalty and rewards platform and experienced customer engagement success.

Increasing competition and consumers’ shifting buying patterns are making things increasingly complex for the businesses. Under this backdrop, more and more businesses are leveraging customer loyalty programs that help the businesses to establish a long term relationship with their customers by rewarding the customers for their loyal buying behavior or any other intended actions. In addition to real world rewards, the companies also offer their loyal customers virtual and social rewards.

Incentivizing customers for their loyal buying behavior is not a new concept in marketing. But technology has revolutionized how businesses are employing this age-old marketing technique to drive sales.  The recent years have found the enterprises across the industries to leverage advanced loyalty technologies to forge and expand customer engagement. More and more companies including the big brands in retail and other industries are heavily investing in the platforms to augment their campaigns.  PunchTab is one of the key vendors in the loyalty and engagement technology space that has reportedly benefitted from the trend. 

In a news statement PunchTab said that it has recently won a number of new clients in international companies and brands that have been using its comprehensive, omni-channel loyalty and engagement platform that supports everything from social sharing and UGC and awareness campaigns to sophisticated B2E and B2B programs. The data-driven, high technology solution lets the brands track the user behaviors anywhere across social channels, email, web, mobile, e-commerce and POS platforms. This helps the companies to better understand user behaviors, preferences and inclinations. This in turn enables them to communicate relevant and timely offer to their customers and properly incentivize their actions.

From app makers to financial technology firms and from coupon marketing companies to contract cleaning companies, a great number of businesses across diverse industries have reportedly benefited from using PunchTab’s flexible, personalized solution. PCI (News - Alert) and EU Safe Harbor standards-compliant PunchTab solution also supports as many as 22 languages. No wonder PunchTab has been accepted in many other countries outside the USA. In fact the company is currently powering 1,000 programs outside of the US, the officials proudly disclosed. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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