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Financial Technology

October 24, 2013

Lendio Unveils Special Offering for the Loan Specialist

Helping loan specialists to do their job better, Lendio, a company that offers secure financing for business owners, has Lendio for the Loan Specialist in Beta. The new solution brings all the aspects of loan sanctioning and examinations into one central place and thereby makes life easier for loan specialists.

The solution collects all small business lending data in one place. It also sends reminders and alerts about missed sales. It focuses on real-time deal progression and the built-in ability to progress/close deals without extra effort. It is also equipped with other features such as real-time deal progression and the ability to close deals easily.

This solution provides a single system for all lending needs. This puts all the executives in the same process and channelizes the sales process, bringing in increased profitability and systematic execution of sales targets. It also allows business owners to create their profiles and get introduced to borrowers within their footprint.

The company says that using Lendio for the Loan Specialist will provide every lender with more conversations, more applications, and consequently, allow them to close more deals. They can also eliminate costly dual entries with this solution.

"The small business loan process in most banks is a very manual and expensive process," said Brock Blake, co-founder and CEO of Lendio. "We're introducing technology specifically designed to help small business loan departments streamline and automate that process, ultimately helping more small business owners get the funding they need to grow, hire employees, and strengthen local economies."

The company also focuses a lot on its own customer and product service teams. Recently, it announced new appointments in these departments, appointing veteran leaders Adam Michaelson, Adam Tolman, Chad Fulmer and Layne Lathan to its Product and Client Services teams.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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