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Financial Technology

August 21, 2013

Version 5.0 of theIRapp is Launched

Recently, theIRapp has launched the fifth version of its own native platform for iOS and Android (News - Alert) devices, which includes long-sought-after features that investors who used the app have been requesting. This means it will give investors the ability to view streaming media content, webinars, presentations, and participate in live events from their mobile devices.

theIRapp is a native mobile platform that anyone investing in a publicly-traded company on any global stock exchange can use to view investor relations information that's relevant to it. You provide the stock ticker symbol, and theIRap does its best to gather enough information to turn itself into an ultimate investor relations toolkit for you. You'll get real-time info on a company's stock price, press releases, SEC (News - Alert) filings, analysts' insights, videos, conference calls (with the new version), and any relevant events information to keep you on the ball.

Version 4.0 of theIRapp was best known for the ability for investors to download content for offline viewing, something not readily available on mobile web-based applications.

“The ability to stream live content through theIRapp demonstrates the real power of the native app as a communications platform, and something not available through a mobile optimized website,” said Jeff Corbin, theIRapp's founder. “Given the fact that the mobile device possesses audio, video, and telecommunications, theIRapp now provides companies with an ecosystem through which to bring companies together in real time with their targeted audiences, especially investors.”

Along with all the cool new streaming capabilities, you'll get a more detailed homepage and you'll finally also get to put your app content into neat little folders. To optimize for privacy, theIRapp 5.0 lets you require logins and registration into the app. Basically, theIRapp has turned into an even more pumped up version of everyone's favorite investor relations app. We'd like to see compatibility with BlackBerry and Windows Phone (News - Alert), but that's probably not going to happen, and it's not necessarily a bad thing.

This new, more powerful version of theIRapp is now available at the company's website.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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