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Financial Technology

August 07, 2013

Branding Brand Releases Mobile Commerce Index for July 2013

The Mobile Commerce Index Branding Brand highlights commerce sites specifically designed for smartphones. This index is the largest collection of such data and is useful for smartphone manufacturers.

Branding Brand has announced the results of its Mobile Commerce Index for July 2013. The company releases such an index every month. The company powers mobile commerce sites and apps for over 150 of the world's leading retailers.

The Mobile Commerce Index offered by the company keeps track of trends across a sample of Branding Brand's 150 clients in various industries. Such industries include apparel, health and beauty, and home goods. In this month’s index, the company claims that in July 2013, mobile devices generated more than 34 percent of total online visits (21 percent smartphones; 13 percent tablets). The market share of smartphones has been steadily increasing. This has been more than 54 percent from July 2012 to July 2013.

The index also shows the dominance of iOS devices as 67 percent of smartphone visits and 94 percent of tablet visits coming from Apple (News - Alert) devices. On the other hand, non-mobile (desktop) visits are on the decline. These visits were 14 percent less compared to the last index. The index has tracked 18 clients to get the year-over-year gains.

The company provides mobile commerce sites and apps for more than 150 of the world's leading retailers. The Branding Brand platform supports all forms of smartphone and tablet output and it needs no IT resources, systems integration, or web development.

“Retail is no longer simply online or offline," said Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO. "With customer journeys spanning multiple touch-points, retailers must ensure that every impression is a good one.”

In its May Mobile Commerce Index, the company stated that Smartphone visits increased 102 percent -Smartphone orders increased 104 percent -Smartphone revenue increased 103 percent In May 2013.

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