Expense Management

Expense Management

May 21, 2013

Valicom Reports Improved Client Satisfaction for its Telecom Expense Management Software

Telecom Expense Management is the new buzzword in the IT sector, as it helps companies to reduce telecom expenses and increase profitability. It encourages users to make the most optimal use of telephony and adhere to communications policies.

Valicom certainly have reasons to be happy with its telecom expense management software. In a recent survey, clients of the company’s telecom expense management software reported record-high satisfaction scores.

Valicom provides numerous telecom expense management software, managed services, and flexible delivery options. The company does not stop at selling those products; for more than a decade, it has been conducting regular surveys with its clients to understand their level of satisfaction with various aspects of its product line.

The key areas the company surveys include overall expectation, professionalism, quality and accuracy, communication, responsiveness, understanding client needs, meeting deadlines and overall value. Apart from conducting these surveys, the company also tries to educate the market about telecom expense management with its telecom expense management white paper library.

Valicom’s Clearview telecom expense management software is Web-based, so with nothing to install, the user can just login and start using the software. It helps them to track inventory, invoices, contracts and procurement and helps them in gaining visibility and insight to reduce expenses.

Valicom President Jeff Poirior, upon release of the scores, stated, “Serving our clients is paramount to our success. This feedback is a direct reflection on how effectively our company culture and values impact our clients. Our 2013 first quarter survey results from our clients have pushed us even closer to a perfect 4.0! Valicom sets a new company record for Client Satisfaction with a 3.93.”

In 2010, the company introduced its new software as a service, called Clearview. It helped users in reducing and managing telecom expenses without depending on telecom carriers.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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