Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

July 02, 2013

Sound Telecom Unveils Fun Lounge for its Employees

Gone are the strict, mundane workplaces of the corporate world. Now, in a bid to attract the best of talent, companies all over the world are trying to provide innovative, fun workplaces to their employees.

Adding fun to a work environment can bring in serious benefits for a company. Deciding to adopt this approach to increase the productivity of its call center employees, Sound Telecom, a provider of telephone answering services, contact center solutions and cloud-based phone systems, has opened an employee lounge and fun center for its call center agents in Spokane, WA.

The company had appointed a committee of call center employees to design the lounge. It is equipped with comfortable furniture and lighting to read and relax, a TV, computer games, and ping pong, pool, and foosball tables. It also has computers that employees can utilize for their personal uses.

The company is also contemplating other unique moves to encourage employees to come to the office. The company adopted this approach after a lot of confusion was created among workers regarding the Affordable Care Act.

All over the world, companies are trying to redefine the workplace environment by making it livelier and fun to be in. Google (News - Alert) is consistently ranked the best company to work for because of the kind of infrastructure it offers to its employees. Other companies are also catching up.

“Employees are not allowed to have cell phones on the call center floor or to use computers for personal use due to HIPAA, PCI (News - Alert) and other compliance requirements,” said Brian Gabriel, COO of Sound Telecom. “It can be stressful on the call center floor, handling hundreds of calls a week spanning the gap from angry callers and emergencies. The lounge will provide an area to unwind and relax, as well as being a comfortable place to make phone calls and have personal use of a computer on breaks.”

Recently, the company created an innovative solution for LivOn Labs' need for outsourced call center services.

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