Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

June 21, 2013

HireVue Optimizes Hiring Process for The North West Company with Digital Interview Solution

The North West Company, a retailer of food and everyday needs in Canada, Alaska, the South Pacific and the Caribbean, reduced its hiring process time significantly and cost effectively by using HireVue digital interviewing platform.

The HireVue digital interviewing solution uses social, mobile and on-demand technology, which helped the North West Company reduce operating costs per hire by 22 percent. It also reduced candidate processing time by 50 percent besides boosting candidate volume and enhancing candidate experience.

Robert Mader, senior manager of recruitment, The North West Company, said, “With HireVue, we can run consecutive recruiting campaigns across the region, allowing interested candidates to interview anytime they see a job opening or opportunity. This has given us a much better, continual flow of candidates and a healthy pipeline of future talent from which to recruit. HireVue is helping us reinvent and modernize the way we recruit talent.”

The North West Company operates 163 stores in Canada located in remote and rural areas. This hinders the process of recruiting as candidates are not willing to relocate and it is difficult to find suitable candidates.

HireVue’s On Demand Digital Interview Platform enables users to source, screen and recruit candidates from across the globe and find the right match according to requirement. The North West Company recruiters sent e-mail links to candidates who can then complete an interview from their computers or mobile devices.

Recruiters and hiring managers can discuss candidates across teams and store locations anywhere without scheduling any interview to test the usefulness of a candidate before calling them for an interview.

This reduced recruiting operating costs by 22 percent per hire as travel was eliminated and helped overcome logistics barriers. Hiring teams were able to collaborate effectively and both hiring managers and candidates were satisfied with the outcome.

Chip Luman, COO, HireVue said, “It has been a pleasure working with The North West Company to change the face of recruiting at their organization and improve the way they attract, engage and hire new talent. We commend the company for generating such great results and providing an example for other visionary organizations on how they can work with HireVue to help improve and evolve their recruiting practices through digital interviewing.”

HireVue is set to create 540 new high-paying jobs, paying out more than $172,876,212 in new state wages within Utah. Governor Gary R. Herbert acknowledged the fact that HireVue’s digital interview platform is a great example of Utah’s IT sector continuing to find ways to use innovative technology to improve business.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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