Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

April 29, 2013

Dovico Software Announces Official Launch of Dovico Apps

Dovico Software, a premier developer of Time Management Software, released Dovico Apps, which offers its hosted clients the tools and features needed to help them maximize their time tracking and project management functions on their mobile devices or while they are away from the office.

Originally, the whole idea to develop Dovico Apps was conceived eighteen months ago when Dovico Software  realized the changes in how and where people work are being brought on by the acceptance of smartphones and tablets in the corporate environment. The company then decided it needed to build a secure infrastructure from which both the company and the third party developers could easily push and pull timesheet data. For this purpose the REST based API model was chosen by the Dovico.

 “Beyond all the great apps that we have in Dovico Apps, and the ability we have to integrate to third party solutions like QuickBooks, I am most excited about the ability for us to stay focused on our core line of business – time, expense and cost tracking for project management.” said Bob Gorham, product manager at Dovico, in a statement.

Later, the company required to build a portal where the applications and services developed using this API could be published, shared and improved. It would be available to all users and it would be easy for anyone to download an app or subscribe to a service.

With over 20 apps from six different contributors, including apps for BlackBerry’s (News - Alert) new Z10 smartphone, are becoming available only 5 days after the Z10 was released to the public. Officials said that majority of apps and services available in Dovico Apps are free.

In related TMC news, Radish Systems (News - Alert) released ChoiceView REST API for Visual IVR, will transform traditional Interactive Voice Response systems into next generation Visual IVRs that can work with any network, phone, and most mobile devices.

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