Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

February 20, 2013

TEKsystems Surveys Reveal What it Takes to Make a Great Hire

What does it take to make a great IT hire? Believe it or not, a great hire is usually the exception rather than the rule in IT circles. According to two recent surveys conducted by TEKsystems, an IT staffing and talent management provider, employers are living in a complex hiring world and role recruitment services are playing a crucial role in ensuring only the right candidates are selected. So what does it take to get that elusive right candidate?

One important aspect is that ideal candidates are attracted by employee value propositions. Developing an attractive employment option means describing the ideal employee and why working for the company is the best option for the candidate. This is not very difficult considering that 54 percent of IT professionals are actively searching for a job at least once a week. Unfortunately, only eight percent of IT leaders have a well-defined employee value proposition. A great recruiting partner is thus essential to build an employee value proposition that stands out.

Employers are faced with inaccurate resumes and navigating a sea of such can be frustrating. One of the surveys conducted revealed that 39 percent of IT professionals say that most IT resumes contain lies, while 77 percent of IT leaders believe most IT resumes exaggerate work experience. To overcome this challenge, employers need to hire resources and recruiters dedicated to sourcing and networking with candidates.

Only employees whose sole responsibility is keeping a pulse on the IT workforce will be able to attract the best IT talent, something that most HR departments are incapable of doing. IT recruiters who are experts on local IT labor markets and who understand an organization’s IT needs will be able to meet these specific business demands.

The surveys also revealed that 70 percent of IT professionals do not believe the average screening process provides enough insight into critical dimensions of the jobs. 95 percent of IT leaders agreed that a more thorough screening process is needed for a better quality match. Again, recruiters who spend time with candidates can serve as a great asset in confirming a candidate’s qualifications and potential fit.

Hiring the wrong individual can be a costly mistake since they can decrease productivity and success through time, money and employee morale losses. An IT recruiting service will help ensure organizations get the right candidate and that is worth all the effort.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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