Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

October 31, 2012

Host Analytics Upgrades its Close and Disclosure Management

Host Analytics, a provider of cloud corporate performance management (CPM), has announced that the company’s Close and Disclosure Management now contains some new features. These new features allow companies to get real-time visibility into operational and financial data, the company has stated.

The close and disclose process is an important process for a company. Host Analytics Close and Disclosure Management caters to their every need in this process. Making use of its cloud technology, the solution helps companies in channelizing the fragmented and complex close and disclose processes.

Host Analytics combines the benefits of advanced CPM features with its cloud technology to provide complete data accuracy and improved consolidation for the entire close and disclose process.

Host Analytics Close and Disclosure Management is available now, with enhanced workflow capabilities added on in early 2013. The new features will offer a more methodical, structured approach to the close and disclose process. According to the company, these features will also bring in increased reliability and comprehensive insight in the entire collaboration process.

“Host Analytics is committed to delivering cloud technology innovation that supports the modern, global CFO,” said Keri Brooke, vice president of Marketing, Host Analytics. “We help automate and manage even the most complex consolidations, reducing the time to close the books by up to 75 percent. With the most complete cloud CPM solution on the market, we promise what no other vendor can -- a painless, fast and accurate close and disclose process.”

Recently, the company announced that Calypso Technology was utilizing Host Analytics’ cloud corporate performance management (CPM) suite for its financial processes. With this, the company could decrease the time required for budgeting and reporting, a process formerly done by Excel. Calypso managed to analyze financial exchange rates and manage the expenses of their foreign offices with Host Analytics. The company has 17 financial centers across the world.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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