Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

October 09, 2012

TMP Worldwide Intros Improved TalentBrew Recruiting Platform

TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, LLC has released an improved version of the TalentBrew recruiting platform. The latest release of TalentBrew allows posting of individual jobs. Candidates are therefore provided applicable information associated with a particular opening and location over and above the job description.

The manner in which employers identify and draw the attention of the finest talent is continuously enhanced by TMP. TMP has now altered the manner in which the aspiring candidates are informed regarding prospective jobs. The latest release includes detailed data aimed to attract the job seekers.

A candidate’s experience while looking for job opportunities is further improved through a combination of pictures, videos, employee profiles, information articles or location profiles, which provide supplementary details of the organization. Both the mobile and desktop releases of the TalentBrew website have incorporated this latest functionality.

In a statement, Matt Lamphear, senior vice president of Interactive Products at TMP Worldwide said, "As competition for top talent continues to increase, today's employers need a way for their Internet job listings to stand out and provide candidates with what they are looking for. Using a company's own unique content, this latest enhancement offers job seekers a more in-depth, personalized candidate experience. When combined with our other offerings, such as social media strategies and web development projects, employers have a number of tools to help them find, attract and hire the talent they need to take their organizations to the next level."

TalentBrew’s use of a database for storing information associated with all the clients ensures highest flexibility. The ‘tagging’ feature allows every component of the data to be associated with several permutations of explicit job categories or locations. This feature allows the component of data to be displayed only with applicable jobs. Organizations using TalentBrew are not required to revamp or re-launch their web pages if they need to add, delete or modify the content on their pages.

While viewing a job on TalentBrew, candidates are offered exclusive and simplified content associated with that particular job. Candidates are also offered maps, travel times and important places near the office location with the Location functionality of TalentBrew.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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