Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

April 26, 2012

Genie9 Sees 124 Percent Increase in Affiliate Sales by Leveraging Avangate's Affiliate Network

Genie9 recently announced that it has increased its affiliate sales volumes by 124 percent by leveraging the affiliate network program and services offered by Avangate, the agile eCommerce solutions provider. Genie9 is a global provider of innovative backup and security software solutions.

In a release, Muayyad Shehadeh, CEO, Genie9 stated that, “The success of this affiliate program proves the importance of choosing the right eCommerce platform, as well as a strategic partner for revenue growth. We have been working with Avangate since 2011 and are very happy with their proactive approach. Our affiliate sales have increased by 124 percent and the number of affiliate sign-ups has increased three-fold after implementing Avangate's proposed program, with a consistent level of growth since then.”

The ecommerce solutions of Avangate have been utilized by a number of SaaS (News - Alert) and software companies to grow their businesses worldwide through any channel and any model. Genie9 has leveraged the comprehensive sales tools and service offerings of Avangate to achieve a significant boost in its affiliate sales and marketing reach.

In order to design a structured affiliate management program with defined offers and communications, Genie9 worked closely with Avangate's affiliate experts. This allowed the company to execute marketing initiatives that resulted in enhanced product interest and sales.

Michael Ni, CMO and SVP of Marketing and Products for Avangate remarked, “It's not enough to simply connect with a large affiliate network anymore. An effective affiliate program requires day-to-day management and support, as well as the right tools, and strategic guidance from a partner that understands your vertical market and values your business goals. This is particularly important for software businesses, like Genie9, who continue to innovate around their revenue models and sell across more channels to reach new customers and markets.”

The eCommerce dashboard enabled the company to gain unified visibility into performance across different sales channel, and the entire management initiative was simplified. Genie9 was founded in 2001 and recently launched a new SaaS solution, the Zoolz Cloud, with a focus on extending market reach and sales.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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