Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

April 16, 2012

Gila Has Employees Take Financial Fitness Program

Gila LLC is touting the fact that company is practicing what it preaches with its own employees. The company announced that several employees have successfully completed what is called a financial fitness program. Gila was able to offer the program to its employees thanks to a partnership with A+ Federal Credit Union and Financial fitness Greater Austin (FFGA). The program was geared to showing these employees how they could strengthen their personal financial fitness for the long term. Gila believes that having employees who have this training and background will help the company in the whole.

“We spend our days counseling our clients on personal finance and fiscal responsibility. We wanted to spend some time bringing that message home to help our employees strengthen their financial positions. Just like any exercise, personal finance needs to be monitored and worked to see any improvements,” said Bruce Cummings, CEO of Gila.

The company felt that this particular practice was so important that it invited all of its employees to participate and offered a series of prizes that were meant to incentivize taking part and passing the program. In order to pass the program, Gila employees had to pass a series of tests that included setting up a personal budget analysis. The employees also had to attend several courses on topics that involved personal finances. 

“Gila’s core purpose is to use our experience to service our clients and help them reduce their debt. This often involves taking debtors through a personal finance analysis to help them resolve outstanding obligations as soon as possible. Living out this mission includes practicing what we preach. We took an opportunity to help our employees strengthen their personal finance skills, better equipping them for their own futures,” Cummings added.

Gila was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company offers financial services such as outsourced collections, payment processing and call center collection services mostly for government entities.

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