Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

April 09, 2012

GMS Training Program Focuses on Emotional Intelligence

Toronto-based MHS Inc. has selected GMS Talent LP as its Training and Certification Associate. Individuals and companies looking to increase their knowledge and skill in using EQi 2.0, the innovative emotional intelligence assessment tool, can now rely on GMS (News - Alert) for the necessary training.

EQi 2.0 is used worldwide to gauge personal levels of emotional intelligence.

Emotions play an important role in the lives of individual, either at home or at work. A major aspect for relationship building is to comprehend the impact of emotions, helping individuals stand out among others with defined leadership skills.

Individuals who wish to be at the top in their fields can now apply the tools launched by GMS Talent, through the GMS "SAEU Training" or Social Awareness and Emotional Understanding Training.

Executive coaches, life coaches, mentors and others who wish to cultivate their skills will now be offered a novel one-day training opportunity by GMS. Clients, colleagues and students at the training program will practice emotional and social effectiveness. Starting Wednesday, April 25, 2012, the single-day training program, “Leveraging Social Awareness and Emotional Understanding”, will launch in Houston, Texas, on each 4th Wednesday of every month until October.

Attendees will realize their competency in both social awareness and emotional understanding as part of this training.

An increased requirement for training in the fast growing field of coaching and executive development has resulted in the launch of this latest training from GMS. “Knowledge alone is not enough, there must be application of knowledge before sustainable change can be expected and deliver significant value,” said Stephen J. Blakesley, Managing Partner of GMS Talent LP. “People are crying out for methods to effectively address these, all important competencies of social awareness and emotional understanding. Now, there is an effective methodology to raise the level of both and GMS is excited about the opportunity to do so.”

GMS developed this training agent to assist sustainable personal and team modifications, inspired by the increasing requirement for significant and successful training in social and emotional awareness and effectiveness.

Edited by Braden Becker

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