Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

March 16, 2012

iCreate and Actian Offer Analytics for Global Banking Industry Offered

Actian Corporation recently entered into an agreement with iCreate software to develop and provide advanced analytical capability to the international banking community. iCreate is a banking BI specialist and Actian is one of the first companies to launch a cloud development platform for building Action Apps.

This partnership will benefit both companies as iCreate integrates its flagship Banking BI product Biz$core alongside Actian’s analytics database platform Vectorwise. Together they will offer the international banking community a number of benefits including a speedier delivery of business-critical BI and analytics at a low TCO.

iCreate’s Biz$core is a BI, analytics and performance management solution that integrates with standard banking systems allowing banks to have a fully functional BI solution up and running in just over three months.

In a release, Vivek Subramanyam, CEO of iCreate, said, "This partnership heralds a new benchmark for a next generation decision support solution for global banks. Moreover, it is a manifestation of our shared vision to provide banks worldwide with a superior BI and Analytics capability with advanced data analytics prowess. The exponential strength of the new blended offering is indeed very promising."

iCreate made a decision to leverage Vectorwise for Biz$core. Now, the platform can be used for faster implementation roll-outs, aid in the better management of growing data volumes as well as offering a greater return on investment to banks all across the world. 

Fred Gallagher, General Manager for the Vectorwise business unit said, "In this era of growing data volumes, users expect to access their data interactively. We are excited that iCreate have chosen Vectorwise to help strengthen the Biz$core platform to provide faster and deeper analytics on large data."

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