Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

March 01, 2011

Powered by Tableau Software, PeopleCube Provides Unprecedented Business Management Tool

PeopleCube is a provider of intelligent workplace management technology. The company recently announced Workplace BI 2.0 as an innovative real estate business intelligence tool used to capture workspace-utilization data from multiple points and present the information through interactive visualizations. Driven by technology from PeopleCube partner Tableau Software, these visualizations help organizations to measure, monitor, and analyze real-estate utilization trends so they can identify organizational inefficiencies and make the necessary adjustments to improve real-estate performance and reduce costs.

In a release, John T. Anderson, PeopleCube president and CEO said that, “Workplace BI is the first real estate business intelligence solution to offer innovative visualization technology. By partnering with the global leader in rapid-fire business intelligence software, Tableau Software, we can provide our customers with the critical interactive business management tools they need to make educated, cost-saving real estate decisions.”

Workplace BI 2.0 gives users the option of thoroughly analyzing their real-estate utilization data using interactive visualization dashboards to understand exactly how their real estate and assets are being used. Users will also be able to interact with these visualizations to explore real estate utilization trends on a global scale all the way down to an individual cubicle or office to get a greater perspective on precisely when, how, and by whom space is being used. By taking advantage of these options, companies will now be able to get a better grasp on the exact usage of their real estate and organizational assets.

Christian Chabot, CEO and cofounder of Tableau Software said that, “By employing our interactive visualizations as a core component of its real estate analysis solution, PeopleCube is helping its customers discover opportunities for massive savings. Unlike most BI solutions, data visualizations communicate ideas, patterns, or trends not clearly visible by looking at complex, multidimensional tables alone. This visual approach can help organizations to rapidly pinpoint their real-estate inefficiencies and optimize future real estate operations.”

In a related press release reported on TMCnet, PeopleCube acquired BusinessSolve, Ltd., a UK-based supplier of resource scheduling software. The acquisition will strengthen PeopleCube's presence in the resource management market and as a provider of scheduling solutions for small, medium and enterprise organizations along with the support to its subscription service offerings growth.

Carolyn John is a Contributor to TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please columnist page.

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