Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance

August 01, 2013

AvePoint Compliance Guardian Service Pack 1 Helps Safeguard IT Environments

When it comes to data, companies need to cater to various regulatory, statutory or organization-specific compliance requirements. This can prove to be difficult without proper help or management systems.

Helping clients safeguard IT environments from harmful information leaks or misuse, AvePoint recently introduced AvePoint Compliance Guardian Service Pack (SP) 1, which is equipped with a centralized enterprise compliance and risk management system.

Data for financial organizations often comes from diverse and decentralized collaboration systems. Putting together this data and making sure that it complies with various laws and regulations is not an easy task. AvePoint Compliance Guardian Service Pack helps users in to address compliance in a consistent manner.

AvePoint Compliance Guardian Service Pack supports enterprise scalability and provides new features for file systems compliance and Web compliance. It also uses advanced logic to offer numerous perspectives on potential risk within content.

Compliance Guardian assists companies meet Address Operational Security (OpSec) and Sensitive Security Information (SSI) requirements. They can even chose to take action even after identifying a problem with compliance and ensure that their content complies with numerous requirements for site quality and brand management.

“In today’s business world, organizations have a tremendous amount of sensitive data that they need to keep secure, compliant, and accessible. Due to these complex requirements, some compliance officers are concerned with enterprise collaboration platforms within their organizations because they fear data leakage,” said Dana Simberkoff, VP of risk management and compliance, AvePoint, in a statement. “AvePoint’s Compliance Guardian provides an easy to use, centralized management console and reporting system for IT risk managers, privacy officers, security officers and line of business owners to ease those fears.”

Recently, the company unveiled its Microsoft Dynamics CRM product line, which has the ability to improve productivity and decrease business impact on the migration and adoption of processes to Dynamics CRM. It facilitates migration from Salesforce CRM while automating and enhancing the capabilities of CRM assets and the management of internal infrastructure.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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