Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance

February 28, 2012

Multibillion Revenue Model Unveiled by Church & Crawford

A multibillion dollar revenue model has recently been launched by Church & Crawford Inc. The company has launched the EMPS+, a transactional revenue model, after conferring with some of the top business professionals in the world.

Customers of System Integrators or SIs will be offered the Church & Crawford software platform at no extra cost. Completion of the risk and investment ROI analysis can also be eliminated for a service provider, thereby shortening the sales cycle

The EMPS+ revenue model has been modeled on the regions of one off download, the Transactional model and mobile advertisement revenue. Service providers will have to pay $1.00 USD per download even if they have bought the platform FOC. According to Church & Crawford, the market size for one off downloads will be nearly $1.8 billion USD, presuming that three-fourth of the users will have at least five service providers.

Church & Crawford expects that each year, over $500 billion USD will be spent by the global contact center technology, presuming an 8 percent global spend for the UK. By the fourth quarter of 2015, the company is expected to obtain 5-10 percent of the global market share, which is nearly $25-50 billion USD per year.

By 2015, Thompsons research has predicted that the mobile advertisement market will reach $25 billion USD. Full screen mobile advertisement will be offered by the Church & Crawford solution even when the customers wait to connect to a customer representative.

By offering premium placements, Church & Crawford is expected to be a major company characterizing the mobile market space. The company is expected to enhance its multi-revenue strategy by up to $5 billion USD per year by capturing up to 20 percent of the mobile market space by 2015.

Expenditures in all aspects of pay outs ranging from infrastructure, software and agents can be immediately decreased with the Church & Crawford solution. Over a five-year period, a 40 percent decrease in the main overheads for every contact center functioning is possible with this solution. The application radically decreases the load on contact centers and the need for voice enabled agents by using the data networks efficiently and managing customer interactions intelligently.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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