Financial Technology

Financial Technology

July 17, 2013

MoneyDesktop Teams up with Wilson Bank & Trust for PFM

Lebanon, Tenn.-based Wilson Bank & Trust has recently teamed up with MoneyDesktop, a company offering personal financial management (PFM), data-driven analytics and marketing technologies, to introduce online and mobile financial management tools to its account holders.

 “We wanted to provide a tool that wouldn’t just be a check-off of the PFM box, but would provide our customers with a ‘wow’ experience – MoneyDesktop delivers that,” said John McDearman, executive vice president for Wilson Bank & Trust. “This tool offers something for every customer. Whether it’s simple expense tracking, budgeting for a major purchase or preparing for retirement, everybody can use it in some way.”

To help its customers to manage their finances more competently, Wilson Bank & Trust introduced the PFM. The bank has introduced the MoneyDesktop platform as a free service for its online banking customers, offering them the convenience to aggregate all accounts in one location, visualize spending habits, create budgets and manage debt.

“We were concerned that the hype might lead to some unrealistic expectations, but we have been thrilled with the numbers and the positive feedback we’ve received from customers,” added McDearman.

The bank currently has 25 percent of its nearly 20 thousand active online banking users accept the tool in its first three months.

“We are honored to work with such a forward thinking institution like Wilson Bank and Trust that is constantly looking for more ways to better serve its customers,” Ryan Caldwell, CEO and founder of MoneyDesktop said. “By implementing Insight and Target (News - Alert), Wilson Bank and Trust continues its mandate of taking exceptional care of their customers by ensuring that their users will always be aware of the significant savings the bank can offer them. It is really exciting to see financial institutions like Wilson Bank and Trust protect its customers and lead the industry into the new age.”

Wilson Bank & Trust has also adapted MoneyDesktop’s data-driven analytics and marketing tools, Insight and Target. These tools help in collecting the account holder information from the PFM platform to create highly customized marketing campaigns.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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