Financial Technology

Financial Technology

February 06, 2013

easybank Rolls Out ATMs at 125 Shell Service Stations in Austria

Most people today usually withdraw cash from ATMs. Now, you can withdraw cash by using your current account or credit card at Shell service stations in Austria. This service is exclusively available for easybank customers.

With the partnership between easybank and Shell stations, customers can use current account or credit card along with their personal identification numbers to withdraw cash. The company planned to start pilot phase of this agreement in the summer.

First, the company will deploy special POS terminals in a total of 125 Shell stations and these terminals will start functioning as ATMs by the end of the year. This service will help customers to handle cash withdrawal in more secure and easy way, as cashiers in the service stations don’t have direct access to the cash in the POS system.

"Nowadays, service stations fulfill a local supply function that goes far beyond food products. Refueling stops are necessary regularly, and our customers expect to be able to get other necessities of everyday life done the same time. We looked for a suitable partner for financial services at length and have found the best we could wish for in easybank. No other bank is able to combine such attractive products with perfect customer service," says N. Iwan, head of Shell's service station network in Austria, confirming the decision.

The internal software and modules of POS system has been developed by Wincor Nixdorf, a provider of IT solutions and services to retailers and retail banking. This software and modules counts the cash, validate its authenticity and deposit and store it securely. This module makes the work of cashier easy by dispensing change automatically and allowing him to concentrate entirely on the customer.

Sonja Sarközi, managing director at easybank, said in a statement, “With this service, easybank and its cooperation partners Shell and Wincor Nixdorf are acting as pioneers, since it is unique in Austria.”

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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