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Financial Technology

October 23, 2012

OnX Joins Finteligent Trading Technology Community

Global enterprise data center IT solutions provider, OnX Enterprise Solutions, is now participating in the testing of a new trading technology called the Finteligent Trading Technology Community (FTTC). This company, along with such partners as chipmaker Intel (News - Alert), comprises a group of participants assembled to promote collaboration between vendor and end user communities to improve engineering and transparency in data by way of FIX engines.

A FIX engine is software which manages a network connection and creates and parses outgoing and incoming messages, respectively. It is the only software needed to FIX -enable trading or order management systems.

The FTTC has created a social media hub in order to facilitate ongoing communication of research and results. Participants will be able to promote the activity of their individual companies via this hub as well as overall community activity. Lastly, this hub will allow for debate and discussion in regards to community activity, as well as general industry trading technology.

The current list of participants includes: Intel, OnX, Etrading Software, Rapid Addition, OnixS, Gnodal, Mellanox (News - Alert) and TS Associates.

The initial group of participants already published an initial set of test results, called Tests 1.0, in January. These objective tests evaluated FIX engines from Rapid Addition, OnixS and B2BITS. With the addition of new members, the testing has been augmented with comparisons of server, network switch and NIC (News - Alert) technologies.

The results of this testing phase, Tests 1.1, will be published on the FTTC social media hub during October and November 2012.

Intel fasterLAB and OnX iLABs together make up the core of the community's ability to design and prove the performance of technologies in combination in terms of latency and cost. Tests 2.0 will rely heavily upon Etrading Software's deep domain expertise in measuring and benchmarking trading platforms as well.

"Teaming with Intel and Etrading Software and the growing number of participants in FTTC is a natural activity for us," said Nigel Woodward, Business Development director, OnX Enterprise Solutions. "As we look to add value as a technology provider to the trading industry, FTTC allows us to focus on the unique characteristics of this group and provide solution options to meet these specific needs."

In July, OnX was recognized by UBM Channel as CRN 2012 Solution Provider of Top Technology for the Cloud, while also being named in the top 100 on CRN's 2012 Solution Provider 500 list.

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