Financial Technology

Financial Technology

September 19, 2012

SAP Unveils Apps for Financial and Compliance Managers

SAP (News - Alert) AG recently unveiled two mobile apps, SAP RealSpend and SAP Sanctioned-Party List, at the CFO Dimensions Conference, which was held on the 18th of September, 2012 in Chicago. With the current trend of organizations moving to mobile devices, these SAP mobile apps can be used by employees to access extremely vital business-related data in a rapid and affordable manner.

Everyone in an organization, from the chief financial officer to a line-of-business manager, has to manage the financial resources. While on the move, managers are unable to access spend information in a simplified manner. Managers need to depend on others to be sure that the information is current and precise in order to eliminate deficits in expenditures or financial resources. Managers are therefore unable to take instant decisions convincingly as information is not available in real-time. 

Instantaneous budget and spend information is offered by SAP RealSpend at any time irrespective of the location. SAP RealSpend utilizes a user-friendly and powerful self-service mobile app for offering significant, actionable insights into the spend information. Managers can therefore supervise budgets in a successful manner, spend advantageously and spot out expense-related problems rapidly.

Managers in association with employees will be able to solve problems related to spending using SAP RealSpend. They will also be able to evaluate and support project requirements, and ask for follow-up information on proposals. The comprehensive spending data can be analyzed and standardized by managers using different criteria like department, project or expense type over any time period. Spending problems can be recognized by managers via alerts sent by SAP RealSpend. Managers will therefore be able to resolve them rapidly by communicating with team members.

Compliance managers are provided immediate mobile access to information regarding urgent compliance exceptions by SAP Sanctioned-Party List. Compliance managers will be able to access the compliance exceptions information even on the move, thereby resolving problems in a rapid manner. Security guards and visitor sign-in kiosks can also be used to access the sanctioned-party list.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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