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December 19, 2011 Signs Deal to Acquire Rypple

Already one of the top cloud computing companies in the United States, took a big step today towards strengthening its position with the official acquisition of Rypple. Rypple is a top cloud computing company that specializes in performance management. 

It appears that this particular acquisition signals just how dedicated to getting into the human capital management market. (News - Alert) is already well-known in other cloud based markets and is a well-known partner for some of the top computing companies in the world, but the acquisition of Rypple could take them to the next level, according to company officials.

Rypple currently has clients such as Facebook (News - Alert) on its call sheet and some of the biggest social networking site on the planet uses Rypple to review its employee's performances. 

Salesforce plans to rebrand and relaunch Rypple as a brand new arm of the parent company that will be known as Successforce. Along with this new unit will be a new HCM unit that will be run by a veteran of the industry, John Wookey. The sale is not expected to close for another couple of months, with most analysts predicting it will be done by the end of Salesforce's first fiscal quarter which comes to a close on April 30, 2012.

While further details of the deal have not yet been released, it appears that Rypple's senior management team will stay on in some capacity. Founders David Stein and Daniel Debow have made nothing but positive comments about the acquisition. The two co-CEOs suggested that Rypple will have a new name, but will operate with the same basic goals that have been prevalent since the company's inception. For his part, John Wookey has a 20-year history of working with this kind of a program and has previously served with companies like Oracle and SAP (News - Alert).

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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