Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

April 23, 2013

Genesis HR Solutions Helps New England SMBs Connect with EU Market

New England businesses have a strong and successful relationship with the European market, for the European Union depends on the products, services, technologies and unique know-how that New England businesses offer. However, many SMBs still find it difficult to break into these lucrative markets and advance their presence in the EU.

Genesis HR Solutions, which strives to be a top choice for New England-headquartered small- and medium-sized businesses, works closely with EuroDev, its proven EU-headquartered partner, to provide a broad range of HR and business development services in individual countries or on an EU-wide bases.

"New England businesses have a long history of connecting with the European market, and we believe the opportunity is bigger and better than ever," says Bob Burbidge, founder and president of Genesis HR solutions.

These new services, arising out of the partnership, will help businesses overcome the complexities of employment law, taxes, employee benefits and country variation, which have always proved to be rather daunting, providing them with an easier, faster and smarter way to establish or expand their presence in the EU.

By doing so, Genesis clients will experience a simplified process that makes it easier to grow in these lucrative markets and also take advantage of the enormous EU market.

Further, the EuroDev partnership will also enable Genesis clients quantify market variables, sharpen marketing and sales plans, and execute effectively in the EU, while focusing on building and expanding new business.

“Their leadership in the New England market is particularly exciting due to the presence of so many emerging technology, manufacturing, research and medical companies in the region that will benefit from increased sales in the EU," stated Mark de Vries, owner and CEO of EuroDev, commenting on the Genesis partnership.

With more than 400 million consumers in advanced economies, and the needs of the EU growing, the Genesis-EuroDev partnership will ensure business success as they rapidly adapt to changing market conditions and new customer requirements.

Established in 1996, EuroDev has helped more than 150 American midsized companies develop their business in Europe.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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