Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

February 06, 2013

Freedom Valu Chooses PeopleMatter HR Platform

Freedom Valu Centers in association with PeopleMatter aim to simplify HR practices. Freedom Valu Centers is a convenience retailer, with a staff of minimum 550 employees working from 67 locations. The C-Store was using a hiring app point solution before shifting to the HR Platform PeopleMatter, one of the complete human resources software offerings for the service industry.

In a statement, Rick Cagle, Vice President and Director, Operations for Erickson Oil Products/Freedom Valu Centers said, “We were looking for a software package that could do more than applicant tracking. We wanted a system that offered training and scheduling, in addition to applicant tracking.”

 A configurable, versatile and user-friendly HR Platform is offered by PeopleMatter. The HR Platform ensures that hiring, training and scheduling are all done from a single web-based portal. Developed especially for the service industry and hourly workers, the tools and features provided by PeopleMatter can fulfill the exclusive requirements of multi-unit operators, a major demand from Freedom Valu.

Applications and employee schedules can now be shared by managers at Freedom Valu across locations in a simplified manner. In the event of an employee shifting from one state to another, the employee’s file can be rapidly reassigned by managers to the Freedom locality nearest to the employee’s latest address. The complete data associated with employees is synchronized by the software in real-time across the system, ensuring that the teams on the move have the latest information.

Cagle said, “We have been very impressed with the speed and accuracy of moving our information into the system. The transition has been good from the beginning to deployment. Traditionally implementations are laborious. But turning on PeopleMatter and using the system has been easy and flawless.”

PeopleMatter offers an incorporated training and scheduling solution to Freedom Valu. The all-inclusive PeopleMatter HR Platform is compatible with mobile smartphones, tablets, browsers and voice-activated devices.

According to Nate DaPore, President and CEO of PeopleMatter, an increasing number of customers are shifting from a point offering to the PeopleMatter Platform. The organization is happy that its user-friendly tool is able to fulfill all the precise requirements of Freedom Valu Centers.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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