Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

October 17, 2012

Executive Search Firm Battalia Winston Makes Talent Hunting Easy with Caliper Profile

In a bad economy, a wrong hire can bring devastating impact for a company. Finding the right talent for the key positions has now become easier with two human resource management firms-- Caliper Corporation and Battalia Winston ---expanding their partnership. The alliance will enable the two companies to deliver a comprehensive solution that can take care of all aspects of the hiring process. 

Caliper is a human capital management assessment and development firm. According to the company, over 28,000 organizations globally have used the company’s proprietary Caliper Profile solution to improve every aspect of managing their talent.

Under the renewed partnership, Battalia Winston, the nation's 12 largest retained executive search firms, will leverage Caliper Profile to offer its talent advisory service, designed to enhance the cultural fit when hiring for leadership positions.

The Caliper Profile is a workplace personality assessment that provides clear and objective information on an individual's strengths, limitations, and motivations. The assessment helps firms of all sizes place the right people in the right positions and develops them to their full potential, to support the overall performance of the company. Caliper profile has reportedly assessed the potential of more than 3.5 million applicants and employees.

Thanks to this partnership between Battalia and Caliper, growing businesses now have a "one stop shop" for all their recruiting, selection, retention and employee development needs.

“I am very excited about the strategic partnership we have built with Caliper. We've built the Caliper Profile into our leadership assessments, strengthening our work in selecting and retaining successful top executives for our clients. In the current economy, companies simply cannot afford to invest in the wrong hire, especially at the executive level. Through our combined services, our clients are confident they've hired the right person for the role, every time,” Battalia Winston's chairwoman and CEO, Dale Winston noted in a statement.

“We know from our work with more than 28,000 companies how difficult it is for businesses to find viable talent at the executive level, and how many turn to Battalia Winston for their remarkable recruiting expertise. Where Caliper comes in is at the next step, assessing the resulting applicant pool and narrowing it down even further to those candidates who are a true job match, who have the qualities needed to succeed in the specific position,” president of Caliper Corporation, Patrick Sweeney explained in a statement.

“We have been able to integrate the Caliper Profile into our proprietary methodology, which uncovers an individual's natural tendencies through behaviorally driven interviews. This scientific approach enables us to advise our clients not simply on what a candidate has done, but more importantly, the substance of what made them successful, which has the potential to translate to success at a different company or position,” Winston added.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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