Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

May 07, 2012

Mercer and Equus Pacts to Help Employers Better Manage Expatriate Assignments

To help companies to implement expat software that runs mission-critical business processes, Mercer and Equus Software have decided to work together  to implement AssignmentPro for Mercer's clients.

 According to a press release, AssignmentPro, an international assignment management software system has been developed from best-in-class technology and capable of streamline expatriate administration.

AssignmentPro offers end-to-end automation to effectively manage all aspects of international assignments. This system provides all information in a single, easy-to-use format that eliminates the requirement to outsource expatriate administration.

"Adding AssignmentPro to our global mobility offerings enables us to provide organizations with a single tool for more effectively managing international assignments," said Barb Marder, Global Mobility Commercial Leader for Mercer. "This tool simplifies compensation and payroll reporting, it automates assignment tracking, expense management and workflow communications, resulting in significant administrative cost savings."

AssignmentPro features easy integration with many HRIS platforms allowing for complete automation of payroll and email systems as well as employee communications. It can manage and store documents.

It has ability to manage business processes via an automated workflow system. It offers round- the-clock communication with assignees, suppliers and HR staff. It provides expense management allowing for automatic notifications of approved expense reports.

"Mercer is recognized as one of the leading HR and benefits consultants in the world, and we are pleased to work with them to bring added value to Mercer's clients," said Mark Thomas, CEO of Equus Software. "We believe Mercer's clients will benefit significantly from a combined Mercer/Equus Software team. The combination of Mercer's knowledge and experience in global mobility consulting with AssignmentPro's software capabilities for simplifying all aspects of expatriate administration is very powerful."

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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