Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

November 17, 2011

Artificial Intelligence Helps Find Perfect Matches for Employers and Job-Seekers

By TMCnet Special Guest
Chris Atkins, VP of Marketing, RealMatch, Inc. ,

The proliferation of thousands of job sites and career-oriented social networks has transformed the entire Internet into one massive job board.

Although this may seem good for employers and job-seekers on the surface, it has made online recruitment more time-consuming and less effective. It is necessitating employers to post ads on multiple job sites and applicants to search and apply on numerous job boards – with no guarantee that an ideal match will be made.

To help employers and job-seekers harness the power that the Internet offers in recruitment once again, RealMatch has developed an online recruitment advertising solution that uses a combination of artificial intelligence for real-time candidate matching and sophisticated campaign-driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and distribution technologies.

The “smart” platform facilitates bringing together employers and qualified job-seekers across a network of more than 1,000 websites. The greater distribution and targeted exposure for recruitment ads has increased job-seekers' responses by up to 400 percent and the matching technology is resulting in a 36 percent increase in the number of applications per job. Job-seekers who are a “match” are almost 17 times more likely to apply, according to RealMatch’s experience.

A key component of RealMatch’s artificial intelligence solution is its Real-Time Job Matching technology. Unlike the way most job sites work, Real-Time Job Matching does not use keyword search technology, which was designed to cross-reference large numbers of documents instead of connecting job-seekers and employers.

The drawback to keyword searching is that it is difficult for employers to uncover candidates with the right skill set based on the words they use in their resumes, and for job-seekers to pinpoint the right key words to locate the most appropriate jobs. Keyword searching only looks for select required words, but cannot analyze the context they are used in to detect desired skills. It can be very inefficient and inaccurate. It’s also one sided, not taking into account what the other is seeking.

As with online dating sites, it's not enough to indicate the type of mate you are looking for (search), but the other side must be interested in you (match). RealMatch enables employers and job-seekers to specifically define themselves utilizing a taxonomy of thousands of job titles and relevant skills. Real-Time Job-Matching analyzes information entered by both users as well as details found on resumes and in job descriptions. The result is employers and job-seekers being able to find each other in much less time.

Artificial intelligence is used to screen, rank, and grade applicants. The best candidates automatically rise to the top, so employers can concentrate on recruiting – and not on managing a tidal wave of unqualified applicants.

Another shortcoming for traditional online job boards is that they typically are closed in nature, requiring the job seeker and employer’s posting to be on the same site for a match to occur. With so many job boards available, the mismatch phenomenon continues to get worse. In order to leverage the full capabilities of the Internet and generate maximum ad exposure and results compared to other job boards, RealMatch has created TheJobNetwork, the largest recruitment ad network in the U.S., which reaches over 37 million job seekers monthly.

TheJobNetwork comprises more than 1,000 affiliated job sites that belong to newspapers, other media companies, niche sites, vertical sites, social media, and job aggregator sites, plus many social networks. RealMatch provides its unique distribution and matching technology across TheJobNetwork and enables employers to reach more prospects faster and more cost effectively, and visitors on multiple sites to review advertised positions.

RealMatch's AI solution also extends into social networks, which have become an integral part of the recruitment process. Today, almost every person has a social network public profile, and RealMatch taps into that vast pool of talent, finds and attracts “passive” candidates. RealMatch is integrated with LinkedIn (News - Alert), permitting advertisers to view from their RealMatch accounts all the matching candidates that are in their LinkedIn networks. Job seekers who use any of TheJobNetwork's affiliate member sites can instantly share available jobs with fans and friends on Facebook (News - Alert), driving additional exposure for recruitment ads.

Although the Internet itself has now become the job board, it's becoming easier for employers and job-seekers to find a perfect match.

Chris Atkins is vice president of Marketing for RealMatch, Inc., which develops innovative recruitment advertising solutions for newspaper, media and vertical job sites, as well as powers TheJobNetwork, a recruitment and distribution network reaching over 37 million job seekers monthly.

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