Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

July 20, 2011

Polaris Payroll Solution Combines Payroll Processing with 401K Plans

The SAS (News - Alert) payroll market and other B2B service areas have experienced considerable growth over the past few years and the market is in a mood to welcome new business opportunities. Polaris Payroll Complete has introduced a business opportunity for those entrepreneurs who like to be on the leading edge of a trend.

In a press release, Matt Minafo, director of Marketing, said, "Considering the business trends and the evolution of the cloud computing infrastructure, this business opportunity is right in line with the direction of the market. The Polaris Payroll Complete business opportunity puts our licensees in the SaaS (News - Alert) business at a time when the demand is growing."

Polaris Payroll Complete is a cloud technology platform that enables licensees to use payroll processing services and software subscriptions in combination with 401K plans to build a business.

This technology platform obviously has immense potential as all businesses, big or small, need to process payrolls of their employees. Providing software and services to process payrolls is an ongoing opportunity that can be very rewarding.

The fact that the payroll service industry is growing in spite of a recession hit environment is by itself rather significant. The Polaris Payroll platform has been used to process thousands of payrolls over the past two years.

What sets the Polaris Payroll Complete business opportunity apart from others is that it offers two different models. It can either be run as a standalone business or as an addendum to existing services offered to clients.

Minafo stated that though the initial focus had been directed toward companies who were already in the pay roll services, interest had been evinced by people with experience in other B2B service areas who wanted to be in the payroll business and this had given rise to a new program.

In related news, Polaris Payroll Complete is introduced as a business opportunity for those who see the benefits, and profitability, of building a SaaS business. The cloud technology platform enables a licensee to build a business through payroll processing services and software subscriptions, along with related products such as 401K plans.

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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