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Expense Management

January 29, 2013

Save on Phone Bill with Validas and Help Women in Need

According to a recent survey by JD Power and Associates, American families spend about $139 monthly, or about $1,670 a year on mobile phone usage. This is over a 10-percent increase from the figure in 2009 ($127).

According to Validas (News - Alert), a firm that helps to decipher and analyze cell phone usage for companies, it is evident that close to 80 percent of us are paying our service providers for services we don’t use. In other words, you may be spending extra money on text messages or for talk-time available to you that you don’t take advantage of.

While most of the major service providers are not open about the fine print, the new service from Validas, called Vera Service, will explain the options open to the consumer.

All you have to do is to visit Vera’s site, savelovegive.com, and provide your carrier account info and the site will provide you with options on where your cell phone bill can be trimmed. It also offers other options and services anyone can delete or cut down on.

Once you’ve identified the options, you can then mail Verizon (News - Alert) Wireless or AT&T from the site and have them revise your plan.

Validas has gone a step ahead in their saving plan, offering the consumer the option to donate a part of his/her saving to Seven Bar, a not-for-profit that makes micro loans to women in need.

"Our brand is about doing good now, not later. We built it into the app, so you can give right when you find out how much you are saving," Todd Dunphy, a cofounder of Validas, told ABC News.

Donations are via PayPal (News - Alert) and can be provided in increments of $5, $10, $25 or more through the site.

According to Seven Bar founder, Renata Black, the money will first go to help women affected by Hurricane Sandy. "The app is empowering, and we extend that to empower women," Black told ABC News. "It's not that men aren't amazing, but more importantly, it's said that when you help a women the first thing she does is help her kids. It's the ultimate synergy of one plus one equals six."

More details about simplifying the measurement of overspending on wireless billing nationally and globally with the launch of an interactive dashboard can be found here.

Recently, TMC (News - Alert) Contributor Colleen Lynch reported on Vera’s major upgrade from Validas for business in the New Year.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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