Expense Management

Expense Management

January 14, 2013

Validas Measures Overspending on Wireless Billing

Validas (News - Alert) is simplifying the measurement of overspending on wireless billing nationally and globally with the launch of an interactive dashboard.

The company has introduced a "Wireless Waste Index" dashboard that is designed to measure inefficiencies in mobile billing.

The "Wireless Waste Index” is a business soltuion that measures overspending on wireless billing nationally and globally. Customers like to know the value of the difference between what they pay for on their mobile plan and how much of it they actually use.

These customers can use the dashboard to access this Index and control overspending on their wireless billing.

This Index clearly shows that an average customer tends to overspend. According to Validas’ estimate, wireless waste costs consumers over $926 in 2012.

 The "Wireless Waste Index" dashboard shows monthly, quarterly and annual projections of wireless waste on smartphones in America.

“We included just smartphones for the high depth, domestic section of the Index," said Tom Pepe, CEO of Validas. "We wanted to target in on the most inefficient part of the domestic wireless market so that people understand their risk category as a consumer."

This Index is part of Validas plan to fight against wireless waste through its free VERA service.

Available at the website , www.savelovegive.com,  this service effectively audits wireless bills to remove wireless waste.

In addition, this service enables users to fund charity projects with the money saved.

Validas is a mobile intelligence firm helping Fortune 500s and wireless carriers understand their "big data" in mobile via patented software. The company was in news last year for opening a new business hub in Houston.

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